Hamdi Makhlouf

Ph-D Music & Musicology

Arabic | French

Identity Info

  • - Birth : June 05, 1980 in Tunis (Tunisia)
  • - Nationality : Tunisian
  • - University Level : Ph-D, Music & Musicology
  • - Work : Lecturer
  • - Artistic activity : Composer, Lutenist (‘ūd - arabic lute) & vocalist.



    ARABIC : Native tongue, read, written, spoken, excellent level

    FRENCH : 2nd language, read, written, spoken, excellent level

    ENGLISH : 3rd language, read, written, spoken, good level


    LATEX, iWork (Pages, Keynote, Numbers)


    Praat, MuseScore, Sonic Visualizer, Audacity, ...


    HTML, HTML5, CMS (wordpress, Joomla, pluXml), LMS (Claroline), Wiki (DokuWiki, MediaWiki)


  • 20, Paris Avenue, 1000
    Tunis - Tunisia
  • www.hamdi-makhlouf.com
  • (+216) 50 995 774

Supervision of scientific works

  • - (2016) Houssine Baraket : [in french] Manifestation of Ṭarab in Tunisian instrumental music : experimental protocol and listening analysis of "Farḥa" by Qaddour Ṣrârfî. Read here



Success in the National Debate Lecturer Recruitment, July 2012..

Scientific Supervisor

supervising the scientific activity (publications, national sound archive, papers archive (Scan, upload & create specific platforms on the web).

Festival Director

Director and President of the organizing committeeof Carthage Music Days. Session 2 (March 2015), session 3 (April 2016) and session 4 (April 2017). More informations on this website.


Success in the National Debate Assistant Recruitment, juillet 2010.

EDUCATION / Qualifications


Ph-D in Music and Musicology, Very Honorable mention. Title of thesis : The concert ‘ūd. Organological problematic, compositional space and semiotic modeling, directed by the Professor Jean-Marc Chouvel.


DEA (Advanced Studies Diploma) in Ethnomusicology, Very Good mention. Titre of the dissertation : Musical aspects of therapeutic ritual by the Ṣṭumbâlî of Sfax, Tunisia.


Mastery in Music and Musicology, Higher Institute of Music of Sfax, Very good mention with the congratulations of the jury. Title of the dissertation : The music of the blacks "Zunûj" of Sfax : Ṣṭumbâlî.


Bachelor's degree in experimental sciences, Good mention.


collective article | collective book

Amine Beyhom & Hamdi Makhlouf, « The fretting of the ‘ūd in arabian music theory and its interaction with practice », In : Music and its instruments, Proceedings of the Interdisciplinary Music Congress (CIM), Paris, october 2009, dir. Michèle Castellengo & Hugues Genevois, p. 85-98.

Article | Collective book

Hamdi Makhlouf, « The interpretation of the concert ‘ūd music : what analysis ? what meaning ? », In : Music interpretation, Proceedings of the 6th European Congress of Music Analysis (oct 2007), collected and introduced texts by Marie-Noëlle Masson, Preamble by Ludwing Holtmeier, p. 149-156.


Hamdi Makhlouf, « Emotional experience of the contemporary arabic ‘ūdist(lutenist) », In : Music, Signification and Emotion, dir. Mondher Ayari & Hamdi Makhlouf, p. 333-356.

Article | Revue

Hamdi Makhlouf, « Music therapeutic dimension of the sfaxian Ṣṭumbâlî rite », RTMMAM Review of the musical traditions of the Arabic and Mediterranean worlds, N°2, Musicology of religious traditions, p. 149-166.

Article | Revue

Hamdi Makhlouf, « Composition, interpretation and figuralism in the music of the concert ‘ūd. Hearing analysis of l'Abri d'Al-Amiriyya by Naseer Shamma », Musimediane (multimedia revue), N°3, Unwritten music.

Seminars & Conferences

Music analysis through new technologies : between tools and methods
Study day : Analysis of musical discourse and new technologies, ATuReMM (Tunisian Association for Research in Music and Musicology) & URADM (Analysis of Musical Discourse, Research Unit).
Some terminological and historical references to musicology.
Conference and moderation of a debate, "Theme and Debate" about The Separation between Music and Musicology at the Higher Institutes of Music in Tunisia : what restructuring ?.
From the compositional idea to the form of the musical work in the concert 'ūd music : Analysis and signification through an example of the trio Joubran.
Aesthetic and Cognition Seminar : Theories of art and cognitive phenomena, Session N°13 : Aesthetics, cognition and compositional issues, organized by Jean-Marc Chouvel, Hugues Dufourt, Xavier Hascher and Costin Miereanu.
Emotional experience of the contemporary arabic 'ūdist (lutenist) : compositional idea and creative process.
Cycle of conferences "Music and Emotion".
Interpretation of the concert 'ūd music : What analysis ? What meaning ?
6th European Congress of Music Analysis : Interpretation.
The song Ra' al-habîb (The lover touched) : interaction between music and meaning.
Conferences series around Om Kalthûm.
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